The Chief Rabbi on the importance of Paperweight

Jonah was living on the streets, in fear of the police and bailiffs due to his debts

Debra was alone with three young children and a controlling ex-husband

Leo had mounting debts which he was hiding from his family and could see no way out

The Paperweight Trust is a vital resource for the Jewish community and the help we provide changes lives. Jonah is in long term accommodation and by sorting out his benefits and consolidating his debts, Paperweight has given him security; after initial help with benefits and household budgeting, Debra is now a Paperlite client  and receiving the help and support she needs to be there for her children and manage her life; Leo has benefited from the Paperweight Financial Advice team’s help in speaking to his creditors and creating a viable solution to his financial situation so he can see a way forward.

ALL your generous donations ensure that Paperweight’s door is always open and that Jonah, Debra, Leo and the over 10,000 members of our community we have helped to date, continue to have the support and help they need, no matter how great the demand.

Take a look at our latest Impact Report for an overview of our vital work in the past year.

Your generosity is much appreciated and all donations make a huge difference.

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