Why We’re Here

Why We're Here.

A free service across the entire spectrum of the Jewish community.

The everyday burden of dealing with the practicalities of your household paperwork and bureaucracy can become intolerable in a time of crisis.

When you are feeling isolated, stressed and vulnerable, and you just can’t cope, the simplest of administrative tasks feel insurmountable and the daily practicalities take a back seat; often leading to unwelcome, additional pressure and intrusion in what can feel a bureaucratic and impersonal world.

The Paperweight Trust was launched in 2010 to provide practical guidance and support to those in crisis in the Jewish Community.

The service we offer is cross-communal, offering services in-person across London, Manchester and Gateshead, and anywhere in the UK over Zoom. Our clients range in age from their 20s to their 90s and all have found themselves in circumstances beyond their control and unable to cope with life’s daily ups and downs, particularly where organising their domestic affairs is concerned.

Paperweight offers time, guidance, confidentiality, experience and a good deal of common sense. We will steer our clients towards independence and give them the confidence to carry on with their lives.  We will also endeavour to teach them how to avoid these pitfalls in the future and how to navigate their way through the bureaucratic maze.

Key Stats

The Paperweight Trust:

  • Receives 4 – 6 new clients with multiple requests for help every working day
  • Has referrals from over 50 organisations
  • Visits clients in their homes within all London Boroughs, and across Manchester and Gateshead
  • All other Jewish communities throughout the country are being served via Zoom.
  • We are extending our hubs to other Jewish communities within the UK
  • 95% of clients are visited within 7 days of first referral
  • 8 out of every 10 issues have been resolved satisfactorily
  • Paperweight’s team is assembled within 72 hours
  • Charges no fee for its service and is available to all the Jewish community

This video gives a picture of our work: